buy blackjack tables

Buy Blackjack Tables

Someone, somewhere, is looking at their hand of cards and hoping they show 21. Blackjack is being played all over the world, in one-time zone or many! The game is an essential component for any casino. Its popularity has not decreased since in introduction sometime around 1650. The game is as popular with men as it is with women both of whom expect a level of quality and even that special touch of luxury to the Blackjack tables they sit at. That is where we come in buy Blackjack tables from us, and you are certain of a classy table, that price-wise may just surprise you.

At Lucky 7 Equipment you can buy the best Blackjack-table-for-sale that will suit your casino, and we are very budget-friendly, from our bespoke items to our refurbished second-hand tables and casino accessories. We have been supplying casinos, event management and hotels that want to have a games room as part of their attraction – not everyone wants just a spa! We know what is required and can not only provide the Blackjack tables but advise of the best kind for your type of casino.

Professional Blackjack Tables


At Lucky7 each Blackjack table is of the highest quality. A quality that comes with our guarantee, even our refurbished tables come with this. Blackjack is a popular game, and as such your tables need to stand considerable usage, and still look good, that’s our guarantee—they will. We sell all the components of the tables separately, the frames – from standard to polished mahogany bespoke models. We also have a selection of felt and Blackjack accessories. Our felt is the modern digitally printed style that keeps its colour well. We can provide felt for all the Blackjack variants and their differing rules. If you want the table to reflect your brand, talk to our specialist design team about our bespoke options.

Best Buy Blackjack Tables

When you buy Blackjack tables from us, you know you are getting a quality product at a reasonable price. All our equipment from the felt to a table frame is guaranteed, either new or refurbished. We have a variety of standard frames or check out the bespoke designs we can provide with a Blackjack-table-for-sale from us. Highly polished mahogany legs in a range of styles, our felts have great colour resolution due to us using modern digitally printed cloths that are of high quality and long-lasting. If you prefer the wool felts, we still can provide these, but please note they do have a longer delivery time.

You can buy Blackjack tables as a package from us. This would include a standard frame, digitally produced felt in the choice of two colours, an armrest and the necessary Blackjack casino accessories, 30- card pack with a clear plastic shoe. Please contact us for the package price. We can also sell the components separately, and they can be a mix of our new and refurbished stock.

Blackjack Table Design

While the game of Blackjack has its different variations, the Blackjack table not as much so, they stand out on a casino floor due to the horseshoe shape or circular design You can purchase casino Blackjack tables that will accommodate from five to nine people. The tables, as standard, have a betting area for the players, a card area that will indicate the rules of that particular table and Blackjack game. A money shute, where your money goes when you exchange it for chips. Then there is an area for the dealer’s hand, visible to all players and the shoe for the cards.

buy blackjack tables
buy blackjack tables

Blackjack Accessories

To play Blackjack, you need several more items as well as the Blackjack tables. We sell several Blackjack accessories that include the card show, chips, cards and different coloured felts for the table, reflecting the games’ variants. Plus you will find some excellent ergonomically designed seating for your tables. You have to decide which type of Blackjack will be available at your casino and which rules, do the player’s hit or stay on 17, what is the payout, we can also indicate minimum and maximum stakes. We carry several gaming chips in varying amounts and colours—these can reflect your company logo and colour palette with our the help of our design team. The ‘shoe’ we sell can hold up to eight packs if needed. While we do have high-quality chips second-hand for sale or rent, all our cards are new, made from 100% polyurethane, and these can also be custom designed.

Blackjack Tables For Rent


We carry several Blackjack tables and casino accessories that are available for rent, for professional events or even a home party. We offer short-term, minimum 2 days and long-term rentals, prices on application. Long-term is especially popular with hotels during their winter season when the nights close in, and the guests want something different. Event management companies can make long-term arrangements with us for regular short-term rentals, which might be more economical than purchasing your own and having to store it somewhere.

Delivery, installation and pick-up are all included in the price. Contact our customer care team for further information, regarding sizes, seating and accessories. Our tables are all of professional quality and meet industry standards but are available to rent for home use. Insurance is included in the price.