buy roulette tables

Buy Roulette Tables

Roulette is one of the most famous games in any casino. A roulette table is a crowd puller that brings a lot of thrill and exciting action on the gaming floor. Take advantage of this fact and provide your players with the best there is in the market. Buy roulette tables from us and enjoy the great deals we have in store over the wide selection available. Whether your players want the European variant, American or French roulette, you will find the table that meets the demands of your customers. Trust us to help you pick the right roulette table that will make your establishment stand out.

We are the trusted source of casino gaming equipment. Shop bespoke accessories, customised casino tables for personal use, to kit out your casino or for your themed events. Take your players’ gaming experience to the next level by providing an array of gaming options—buy blackjack tables and add to the flurry of activities on the gaming floor. At the Lucky 7 Equipment site, you will find roulette tables for sale UK listed under casino tables with amazing deals to boot.

Tables For Professional And Home Use


Bring roulette to life by buying luxury tables from Lucky7 Equipment for professional use. Give your players a taste of class by selecting the eye-catching roulette tables in stock on our user-friendly site. Players who want to be the best in roulette before they venture out into playing roulette for real money can have a chance to polish up their skills at home with used roulette tables. We understand your apprehension when you read that. Although they are second hand, these roulette tables come in pristine condition which our team of experts have carefully vetted to ensure they meet and serve your needs.

Best Buy Roulette Tables

Browse our roulette tables for sale UK to find the best buy roulette tables at unparalleled prices. We are picky about our suppliers as we are keen on ensuring that when you buy our products, you receive top quality products. First impressions count – especially in the casino industry. Customer retention is crucial, and to facilitate that by providing superior quality equipment and service to attract high rollers and casual casino-goers alike. Invest in high-quality equipment for your casino equipment, and you can be confident that they will serve you for a more extended period despite the high levels of use on the gaming floor.

We have a professional team of casino equipment specialists who are ready to help you buy roulette tables that suit your preference, budget and needs. We understand the overwhelming feeling of refurbishing your casino or building one up from scratch. We at Lucky7 Equipment want you to have a hassle-free experience when kitting out your establishment by providing everything under one roof.

Structure Of A Roulette Table

The roulette table is an iconic feature. It includes a roulette wheel, a felt – where all the action happens and other accessories to complete its set up. The felt has boxes that stand for bets and white numbers located on circles in a different colour. Odd numbers are red, even numbers are black, and the 0 and 00 depending on the game variant appear in green. The grid numbering is 1-36 plus one or two zero pockets. The colours can be adapted to suit your casino’s design and style. We also offer some refurbished roulette table cheap—come and check them out.

buy roulette tables
buy roulette tables

Roulette Table Accessories

No roulette table is complete without a high-quality roulette wheel which mostly comes in polished wood such as mahogany to give it a classy and vintage look. Other quality components you cannot compromise on are roulette chips, rakes and win markers all which are part of the action on the roulette table. At Lucky 7 Equipment, we ensure that you have a wide selection to choose from in varying sizes and colour to perfectly match the theme and style of your casino. As you buy the most impressive casino equipment and accessories, consider the comfort of your players by including premium chairs for a wholesome experience. Player comfort is vital as it translates to a thriving business. When a player is comfortable, they stay longer and spend more.

Lucky7 Equipment Customer Service


For the best casino tables and casino, accessories look no further than Lucky 7 Equipment. We have an unmatched selection of roulette tables, Blackjack tables, essential casino accessories such as chips, dice, cards and comfortable casino seating. Give your customers the ultimate gaming experience. Everything you need to refurbish your casino or to kit out your home casino is under one roof, so you don’t have to wander from one manufacturer to another. Our trusted suppliers provide only the best in the market. You can rest assured that you will get your money’s worth with every purchase.

Explore our range of casino equipment from our user-friendly site to find any casino table you need. Whether you are looking for an affordable roulette table or the most high-end and luxurious tables, we have got you covered. Contact the service team if you need bespoke accessories customised to your casino and elevate the gaming experience in your casino.